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Middle East

The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times and has been a major centre of world affairs. The area generally has an arid and hot climate, with several major rivers providing for irrigation to support agriculture in limited areas. Many countries located around the Persian Gulf have large quantities of crude oil.

A cruise to the Middle East has much to offer today’s traveller. From the extraordinary natural beauty of Oman and striking modern architecture of Dubai, to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and Jordan’s ‘Rose-Red’ city, Petra. This region is a land cloaked in mystery and intrigue. Here, more than any other place in the world, it’s possible to walk in the footsteps of the ancients and gaze upon the remarkable architecture built to celebrate Kings and Sultans. 

It is not just history that makes these shores perfect as a cruise destination. The waters of the Red Sea are famed the world over as a diver’s delight. If the desert heat gets too much outdoors, there is always a huge choice air-conditioned shopping complexes or spice scented bazaars and souks. The beaches are magnificent with miles of natural white sand and parks offering serene places to simply relax.

The Persian Gulf is the jewel destination for cruising with protected sea waters, a fantastic year round climate and many fascinating super-rich ports including Muscat in Oman, Doha in Qatar and Dubai in the UAE. With reserves of oil and natural gas in abundance, these are now among the worlds richest countries.