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South America

South America occupies the southern portion of the landmass referred to as the New World. This vast continent is home to the world's highest waterfall: Angel Falls in Venezuela; the largest river: The Amazon River; the longest mountain range: The Andes (whose highest mountain is Aconcagua at 6,962 metres); the driest place on earth: The Atacama Desert; the largest rainforest: The Amazon Rainforest; the highest capital city: La Paz, Bolivia; the highest commercially navigable lake in the world: Lake Titicaca; and, excluding research stations in Antarctica, the world's southernmost permanently inhabited community: Puerto Toro, Chile.

South America is one of the most bio diverse continents on earth. It is home to many interesting and unique species of animals including the llama, anaconda, piranha, jaguar, vicuña and tapir. The Amazon rainforests possess high biodiversity, containing a major proportion of the Earth's species.

Brazil is by far the largest country in South America, encompassing around half of the continent's land area and population. The remaining countries and territories are divided among three regions: The Andean States, the Guianas and the Southern Cone.

Cruising around South America allows you to experience the buzzing cities of Buenos Aires & Santiago with huge rainforests, mighty rivers, remote vistas, iconic ruins & glaciers all in one trip. The historic site of the lost city of Machu Picchu is nestled in the mountains almost 8,000 feet above sea level and is a must see destination to combine with your cruise.

South America