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World Cruises

Viewed as one of life’s last great travel experiences, there’s something undeniably majestic about setting sail to cruise all the way around the globe. Imagine waking to the sun glinting off Sydney Opera House. Catching your breath as the first glimpse of Hong Kong Harbour comes into view. Taking your first steps on the Great Wall of China. Or watching shadows cast by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco dance across the deck. These are moments some people only dream about, but embark on a world voyage, and these moments become unforgettable memories.

The stunning sights and spectacular cities visited are undoubtedly the main attraction of these incredible adventures, but the atmosphere on board can often be as unique as the journey itself. With every passing day, a feeling of relaxation and well being grows stronger. The luxurious surroundings of your ship can be savoured and the delights of life at sea discovered. Fellow passengers will soon become familiar faces and once-in-a-lifetime experiences shared together.

World Voyages are also available to purchase in sectors so often provide the perfect solution to sail one way to visit friends and relatives in Australia & New Zealand. Or alternatively you can take shorter sectors  for example from Southampton out to New York or Dubai back to Southampton. The majority of World Voyages take place each year between January & April. There is quite a lot of choice roundtrip from Southampton too with Cunard Line and P&O. Our preferred partners Regent, Seabourn & Silversea all operate World Voyages most with a start point of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
If you would like any information or are thinking of taking a World Voyage, please call us for advice on what best suits your requirements.